Dogs on board

Q: Can we bring our dog along for the boat trip?
A: Yes, pets are welcome on board

Dogs are an important part of many families so we wouldn’t want to deprive you the joy of bringing them along on board! So if you and your dog are up for it, we would love to have you all on board!
Here are a few tips when taking your dog boating:

•Dogs can get sea sick so consider withholding food 12 hours before travel
•Do not encourage your dog to drink water from the lake or sea.
•Consider purchasing and applying sunscreen for your dog.
•Have a plan in place when your dog needs to relieve himself or herself.


Kefalonia & Ithaka Geopark Kefalonia
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Kefalonia & Ithaka Geopark

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“Ariata” and “kantada”, are the love songs of Kefalonia

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